Wednesday, December 1, 2010

First Homegrown Pinoy Featured at JustStance

Neatcrew Omar:
I would like to thanks the Guys from Juststance especially Juan Perez and Mike Meszaros for the Feature that they did. They were really accurate on what Neat is all about and what we really want to happen on em car scene here in the Philippines. We want a fresh change, a breath of fresh air that people normally wont see rolling down the street. Yes its a Fitted PHDM honda civic with that wierded out front haha. It's been a year since the project started together with the neatcrew Bing,Junichi,Moj and Gilbert aka Gibo. They have seen the transformation of my ride and all the trials and error that I made pertaining to the fitment and stance, and it was a lot of hardwork. Many are starting to dig this stance movement that few of my stanced friends here are also preaching as of the moment. Why you ask? i love the fitment/stance/hellaflush scene because there is absolutely no competition rather its a community. This is my personality, this is my style. A lot of you know I'm a victim of what you call the being a ricer aka "unnecessary expense" and euro or JDM but it simply didn't fit me. There is without a doubt people trying to be more JDM than the other or more euro than the other car which simply isn't me. I hate competition i really don't like it. In other words I fell in love with it right away with the stance scene when I discovered it early December last year. Which in turn made a personal goal which is to promote to the other countries our own homegrown stance scene. This car is not for my personal pride but rather built it with a purpose to represent at least Philippines in the stance scene..So stop hatin us neatcrew, yes we hear things. We are just small time guys with a limited budget with a purpose and a movement.

omar pine

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  1. Congrats on the feature, truly worthy!

  2. Congrats sir, more power to you guys.