Thursday, December 9, 2010

BFAM I Brotha from Anotha Motha (teaser)

It's a Toyota and Honda Love thing haha!! Here are some of the NeatCrew project cars featuring NeatCrew Junichi's Simple,Clean and Neat Toyota Corolla with a Carib front and Neatcrew Omar's Stanced Honda Civic with an Orthia front. It's been a year since the guys from NEAT thought about the project and finally, slowly but surely, some of the NeatCrew's rides are now done..hmmm actually let me rephrase that close to being done.Yep! there are still some modifications needed on this rides in order to spread that Simple,Clean,Stance and Neat movement throughout the metro. Here is a teaser or let me say a preview which is entitled BFAM(Brotha From Anotha Motha). Hoping that this can be example of the Honda/Toyota lovin because here at Neat there is no room for Haters..Just Lovers haha!! enjoy...

BFAM I (Brotha From Anotha Motha teaser) from Whoa Neat on Vimeo.

junichi machida
NeatCrew Junichi Reppin Simply Clean Orlando and his build Thread

Omar Pine
NeatCrew Omar Reppin Wrong Fitment Crew and his build Thread

Thanks to Geoffrey Espineli for some pictures on the B2B event

Video was shot by Neatcrew Bing and Moj
Edited By: Neatcrew Omar

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